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This site is written in Joomla.

For an example of a Wordpress site

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There are many "off the shelf" packages that are available these days that build websites. If your requirements are straight forward, the adoption of a CMS may well be the best financial option for you. We can build your website "from the ground up" in multiple programming languages with HTML and PHP being the two most common.

On the other hand, using a CMS may be a better option as it adopts a more "install, configure and use" approach. There is a myriad of CMS systems available in the market. Some are quite complex and expensive and some are simple and free. Three of the more common (and free) CMS systems are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Drupal's popularity has declined in recent years and conversely, Wordpress continues to grow in strength. 

Wordpress sites can be developed, however Joomla is still our preferred tool of choice. Both CMS packages have their pros and cons, and it comes down to personal choice. Both have both free and paid add-ons such as emailing managers, forms (eg. Contacts and Quotes), payment gateways for eCommerce, calendars, appointment schedulers and whatever else you may want to add to your site.

Strengths of Wordpress include blogging, eCommerce, relative ease of implementation

Strengths of Joomla include security*, eCommerce and flexibility 

 The advantage of a CMS is the ability to access your website content from the "back end" allowing editing, adding pages or content and removing pages or content. This means that, with some basic training, you can take charge of your own pages and YOU can add, modify and delete. Alternately, we can maintain your pages and website for you.... THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

*We have developed a security solution for Joomla that is implemented with every Joomla installation we implement. 5 minutes, 3 small files and Joomla's security is enhanced greatly