We get your email system synced to your website


With your DNS Name and web hosting space you also get email addresses that can reflect your new domain name.


There is no point having www.yoursite.com.au and having people emailing you at you@ gmail.com, you@ hotmail.com which you set up as free email accounts.


Worst still you may have setup your email account when you signed up with your ISP and have you123@ bigpond.com or you456@ optusnet.com.au (which you will lose if you change ISPs)

you@ yoursite.com.au certainly makes a statement, and at the end of the day, you want to promote yourself, NOT your ISP or some free email account provider.


With your own domain, you can also have your own email. Something that is you and is permanent, and independent of your Internet Service Provider.


Professionalism is automatically assumed when you have an email name that reflects you, your company or your club. For Clubs, president@, treasure@, secretary@ all work quite well and can be passed on as a new incoming Board is elected. For your company, individual names is the norm, but you might also want a info@, sales@, accounts@.


In all instances the choice is your, individual names or set positions or a combination of both.