We make your website flexible


Your typical website of the 1990s and 2000s was originally design to be quite static, impart information and was designed to be viewed on your desktop PC. We have now come a long way from those earlier days.


These days people need to be able to see your site on smart phones, tablet, laptops and even PCs (still). All of these devices have different screen sizes and diferent profiles.


With smartphones, people usually view in their native "portrait" layout, but simply rotate the screen and its in "landscape" mode. The same can be said for tablets. Whether it be portrait or landscape there can still be some many and varied differences. Some screen can be set as a 3:4 ratio (the screen is rectangular in a ratio of 4 units along the long length to 3 units on the short length. Other devices are 9:16 (3 squared by 4 squared). This 9:16 is quite common as is 3:4.


If you multiply the 3:4 by 3 we see that another way of expressing 3:4 is 9:12. So as you can see the the more common screen sizes are 9:12 and 9:16. YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO COPE WITH THESE DIFFERENCES. Your web pages need to have the ability to "rebuild" themselves, based on the profile of the screen (Portrait v Landscape) and the many ratios of screens. Screen "real estate" is precious and using it to its maximum effect is also precious.


As web pages have become more interactive, users also expect more options to interact with your website. This can be achieved with tools such as forms (for surveys, quotes, contact details etc.) as well as other tools such as appointment calendars, upload of image facilities and many more. Here, the sky is the limit. If you have an idea for something you need on your site, simply ask and we will see how we can accomodate your requirements.


Fonts and images can also be what defines you and your organisation. Setting a standard is important. We can make every attempt to match you letterheads, invoices and business cards to ensure that your website reflects both you and the image you wish to present.